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Happy Tails: Calem by skittIess Happy Tails: Calem by skittIess

this is symbolism guys.

purple is the colour of gays.

also for some reason the coding is really messed up woopsie

+ how to vocab & use words in a comprehensible order idk

Name: Calem Lewis

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Height: 183cm / 6'0"

Weight: 70kg

Job: 2nd year undergraduate student in university; studying civil engineering.

Partner: Nate (Nathaniel) SquishySenpai's character

Sexual orientation: Closet gay (although you could probably tell from his clothing laffs)


                      Caring |  Diligent | Faithful | Hardworking | Passionate

                      Shy | Insecure | Can be overly ambitious | Fussy | Vain | Obstinate 

Calem is the sort of guy that is hardly ever the center of attention -- he’s far too shy to be able to hold conversation with more than 2 people at once. Because of his sexual disposition, he tends to be a little insecure and less-than outgoing when it comes to meeting new people; this doesn’t in anyway mean that he dislikes socializing – he’s better at expressing himself through actions as opposed to words. He simply enjoys the company of friends and their presence, without having to feel the need to constantly talk. 

When he delegates himself a task to do, he’ll make sure to put in full effort, however it sometimes results in unnecessary stress.
Being vain, he enjoys taking care of himself by buying skin products, fashionable clothes, and checks his image in his phone camera regularly to make sure his hair is still in place. He'll also regularly pop a breath mint in his mouth throughout the day, and sprays colonge in the morning. 

Because of his consciousness about his physical appearance; while he isn’t shallow, he does appreciate a partner who is physically attractive, and tends to be interested in men based on their looks. Because of this, he visits the gym twice a week -- it's discounted to university students as well, which is even more of an incentive.


He was born into a rich family; both his parents were successful businessmen, however this also meant that they were extremely busy and often were not around for most of his childhood. He is the youngest of 3 brothers, who which, due to the lack of supervision, tended to tease and boss Calem around – this made him timid and shy. He was also homeschooled for the first 6 years of his life by a personal tutor, which didn’t help his shyness.

When he began middle school, he began to realise he probably was only attracted to girls in a platonic sense, however, still shy and slightly in denial; he didn’t want to admit his sexuality to him or anyone else just yet. Because he wasn't able to fully be himself, at this stage of his life, he was often very introverted and quiet. It was at this point where he delved into the world of music 
He moved to Pawsville for university, leaving his parents and brothers behind back in Telford. 
His experiences in high school made him a little more comfortable with himself, albeit not fully, and he learned to express himself in his fashion choices and through music. Still unwilling to be open with his sexuality, he's waiting for the right moment and person or doge to come along.

On a rainy winter Monday after lectures, Calem, like everyone else on the street without an umbrella, was trying to find some shelter from the rain, which was made worse by the blustery winds, each raindrop hitting as hard as a hailstone. He managed to find cover under the canopy of a small cafe, panting to catch his breath after that mad dash to get out of the rain. He grabbed a small tissue out of his pocket and attempted to dry himself as much as he could. Looking out at the streets, it was pretty chaotic, what with all the umbrellas flying everywhere -- even if he did have a brolly, he figured it wouldn't help at all considering how strong the winds were. A hat flew by, and he followed it with his eyes till it flew out of sight. He sighed, if this rain wasn't going to let up, he could either risk ruining his new suede shoes by running home, or staying at the cafe and waiting till the rain died down. Going with the latter plan, he nabbed a seat quickly before anyone else could, and called over a waiter to get a hot latte, skinny, of course. He'd had his fare share of the take away foods lately, especially with the whole new 2-for-1 pizza promotion. 

He peered out at the sidewalk while drumming his fingers on the glass table top in time to the beat of the song he was listening to. His earphones cord accidentally snagged on the table leg, which made him jerk suddenly as he tried to stand up, the sudden movement pulling out his earphones, abruptly cutting off the music. He clicked his tongue in annoyance, and untangled his earphone cord from the table leg. Just in that moment, above the howling of the wind and the smash of the rain on the pavement, he heard a small whimpering noise. Dismissing it as perhaps the wind hitting a panel at a certain angle -- he'd learnt it in the lecture he had today, what was it called again? Oh yeah that's right, aeroelastic flutter. He took a small moment to pride himself in the fact that he'd actually paid attention in a lecture for once. 
He heard the whimpering sound once more, and he decided that he probably wasn't imagining it, he faced the direction of the noise, and it seemed to come from a small alleyway next to the cafe, where they dump all the trash. He stood up and peered as far into the alleyway as he could, without leaving the shelter of the canopy. He couldn't see anything but trash bags unfortunately, and both his conscience and curiousity was telling him to go to check it out. He pulled up his backpack and used it to cover his head, as he walked out into the rain and into the alleyway. As soon as he stepped into the enclosed space, he heard the sound of rustling plastic bags -- something had obviously noticed him coming and tried to escape. Amongst the black plastic, he noticed a small shivering mass of brown fluff sticking out. His heart sank immediately when he realised it could be an animal -- he'd always grown up with pets so he had a natural affinity for animals. He tried to coax it out by whistling and speaking in a subdued tone. "Hey... Come out, I won't hurt you." He took small steps forward so as not to startle the animal, and it's small brown head popped out of the mass of plastic. It was a dog. The dog looked up at him with pitiful eyes -- it was obviously a stray since it didn't have a collar, and it seemed to be dirty, as well as wet and cold. "Oh christ..." He wanted to take the dog back so badly, give it a warm bath, food, a home. He extended his hand slowly, the dog lowering it's head as he did so. He tickled him lightly around his ears -- oh man this was bad, now he really wanted to take him back. What would his landlord say though? Was he even allowed pets? He took a small cracker out of his bag from his lunch, and placed it in front of the dogs mouth. The animal sniffed it slowly, and took a few tentative licks, before opening it's mouth and eating it. "You must be pretty hungry, huh." Calem stroked his ears once more, before sighing. "Man.. what am I gonna do with you?"

spoilers he ends up taking doge back anyway laffs


:bulletpurple: Shopping
:bulletpurple: New things
:bulletpurple: Drowning the world out in music
:bulletpurple: Watching the sunrise 
:bulletpurple: Cool night breezes
:bulletpurple: The colour purple 
:bulletpurple: Jewellery & accessories
:bulletpurple: Epiphanies -- especially when doing his coursework


:bulletred: When ear buds don't fit in your ears properly
:bulletred: That taste in your mouth after you brush your teeth
:bulletred: Spiders
:bulletred: Real fur products
:bulletred: Animal testing
:bulletred: Pulling all nighters

Habits & facts about him:
:bulletpurple: If it wasn't already obvious, he's pretty metrosexual; he takes care of himself pretty well, skincare and diet. Being a university student however, he still has his tendencies to pull all nighters and eat take outs when he's lazy to cook.
:bulletblue: He really likes shopping, and has very little willpower when it comes to spending. He's very prone to impulse buying, and even more-so when he's stressed.
:bulletpurple: He has a lot of wooden, tribal themed necklaces and bangles. 
:bulletblue: He really enjoys singing and can be considered pretty good at it.
:bulletpurple: Can play bass guitar.
:bulletblue: Is a huge music & junkie and has a ton of posters of bands in his room. 
:bulletpurple: His room is in fact extremely messy, due to him not having a maid in uni, and his shopping sprees leave behind too many clothes and plastic bags for him to be bothered to clean up. He finds things better in the mess, or so he thinks.
:bulletblue: He has a habit of flicking his bangs out of his face, which can get annoying for the other person who's talking to him when he does it constantly throughout a conversation.
:bulletpurple: He drinks a lot of water; it helps improve your complexion.
:bulletblue: If he dislikes someone, he won’t out rightly show it, but instead hate from afar and give bitchy looks LOL & he sasses them subtly in front of them. -SNAPS FINGERS IN Z FORMATION- 
:bulletpurple: He has arachnophobia.


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